Tuesday, 29 May 2012

More Yorkshire

Craven Heifer

I thought you might like a look at the place we stayed in Yorkshire. You remember we went to Skipton so I could treat K to a canal boat trip for his birthday. Because I was forced to make arrangements at short notice I couldn't get us into a place actually in town, and we ended up a mile along the road onto the moor.
yorkshire bookmark

It didn't really matter that we weren't at the heart of things. The view was magnificent and the weather was glorious and the beer was cold and refreshing. The Craven Heifer has a good reputation for its food and it is well deserved. The menu seems quite ordinary when you read it, but the meals are far from dull. Beautifully presented and tasty. I had goats cheese with beetroot for a starter, and scallops and black pudding as a main course.
scallops and black puddinggoat cheese and beetroot
The views from the pub are stunning, because it's at the brow of a hill and there is glorious Yorkshire scenery in every direction. I noticed to one side of the car park there was a group of standing stones and I had to go and investigate. I was surprised but delighted to find that they are at the entrance to a 'natural' burial ground called Tarn Moor Memorial Woodland.
Peaceful setting
In memoriamThe notice said that it was a non-denominational ground, open to all, even offering a space for pets and a secluded area for anyone who wants to be buried with a pet or companion animal. You'd never get that in a churchyard, even though for many people a pet is their best and only friend. I think this would be a great place to spend eternity.


  1. I like that the beer was cold and refreshing!! Views were so very nice!! I do have to agree, that was a serene spot to be buried at!!


  2. What a great idea for a cemetery! I absolutely love it.
    As for where you stayed, I think I've seen that building on an episode of Torchwood.
    Amazing countryside.


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